About us


The Fabio Rusconi brand was born in 1998, on a return plane from Japan, a destination already dear to the brand's CEO.

From the outset, the creative direction was oriented towards a prototype of minimal, sophisticated, designer but not elitist, superb but never snobbish, cosmopolitan but with heels well rooted in his city of origin, Florence.

The most complex job, as for all fashion brands, is to adapt to the cultures and needs of all FABIO RUSCONI customers around the world, so that they can perceive at all times that according to the company's philosophy, the customer is and remains the center of the brand's universe, made of "leather" but also and above all of emotions.


Twenty years have passed, and the results prove that this choice has been right, provided that - starting with Fabio Rusconi himself - no one lets their guard down, not even for a moment. Those who work at Fabio Rusconi have worn-out soles, from travels, experiences, romantic attention to fashion trends and those who follow them, with great passion. Our shoes take us around the world, towards a loved one, towards a dream. Let's choose them carefully